Thursday, 24 March 2011


The next event in the diary: The Agents and a team of volunteers are going to paint and decorate the downstairs interior of the Wah Sing Chinese School and Community Centre in Duke Street, Liverpool, England. Ten volunteers from the Liverpool Art School have signed up to paint the walls and ceiling Magnolia and the wood work red.

The Agents are sponsoring the event and recycling materials by donating the Chinese lanterns used in the Chinatown my Chinatown exhibition during CNY to display in the entrance. The display boards will be re-covered, photographs and art work will be exhibited by the school children to brighten up the entrance and waiting area.

The work of art will be the collective experience validating a collaborative relationship with the community. The event emerged from The Agents dialogical art practice, a relational aesthetic based on communication and exchange

Mr Colin Wan founder of the UK Chinese Unicorn Arts Academy will be in charge of the event.