Friday, 4 March 2011

Image: Nelson St Blues John J. Campbell & Calligraphy Mr C.K.Cheung

Mr Campbell & Ms Kenny are currently sourcing songs to produce a Chinatown my Chinatown CD of Chinese songs from Traditional Folk, Classic to Pop and working in partnership with the Ming-Ai Institute and Central St Martin’s London to create a major International collaboration and future conference.

Work in progress includes Radio Chinatown based in Liverpool.

As part of this years Chinese New Year celebrations The Sound Work in The Black-E Dome was recorded, developed and produced by Mr Campbell and Ms Kenny using archived audio material of residents of Chinatown and present day recordings, ambient sound of shipping, Chinatown sounds, Buddha Machine and morse code. Over 2,500 people visited the Sound Work.

A newspaper was also produced as a celebration of the success of the Shanghai Expo and represents a coming together of artists and researchers to offer their personal responses to the oldest Chinese Community in Europe. 4,500 copies of the newspaper were handed out in Liverpool Chinatown during the CNY celebrations. 1000 copies have been distributed in New York via Ping Chong & Co, London via the Ming-Ai Institute and the Meridian Society and Manchester via The Chinese Art Centre

The newspaper Chinatown My Chinatown was edited, designed and published in Liverpool, by Moira Kenny, John Campbell, Jon Barraclough and Mike Carney.

Special thanks to Liverpool City Council who financially supported this work as a celebration of the success of the Shanghai Expo and to everyone who contributed to the publication in their varying ways. Thanks also to Martin Downie for the publication of the newspaper.

Andy Freeney and Graham Gildea for Technical Support.

Chinese New Year,
Liverpool 2011.