Friday, 20 May 2011

Paint the Town Red: Day One

Mr Campbell and Ms Kenny making preparations.

Mr Yorke painting the walls

Mr Campbell cutting in

Mr Kenny and Mr Murphy stripping the notice boards

Ms Kenny preparing to paint the ceiling and walls

Mr Murphy filming himself for his 'I am Volunteering' Youtube video

Mr Campbell and Ms Kenny discussing Risk Assessment in private

Mr Kenny clearing debris during a break from painting

Ms Kenny and Mr Campbell discussing ways to paint

Mr Yorke methodically removing 1970's paper.

Ms Kenny and Mr Campbell organising the schedule

Mr Wan giving marks out of ten for work effort and application of paint ability.

Mr Wan greeting Chinese Elders.

Many thanks to Mr Simon Yorke PG Researcher M.Res LJMU, Mr Ryan Murphy Undergraduate Popular Music Studies, LJMU and Mr James Kenny Calderstones School for their hard work and commitment volunteering for a full day of hard labour at the Wah Sing.