Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Recording the content for RADIO CHINATOWN today we are interviewing a Chinese dance group in the Wah Sing who meet for health reasons as well as friendship they have set up their own support group for women.

The memories and conversations for the radio include: Social Housing, the history of the first co-op in Liverpool and the development of Prince Albert Gardens, The Liverpool Communist Party, stories from the tenements, the first public library, the Athaneum Gentlemen's club, Litta Rosa, The Blitz, Dr Duncan and public health, Mass graves in Chinatown, factories and working standards, Cornwallis Hall and the Outdoor school for the blind, Empire Day, The Treat, Irish and Jewish communities, trade unions and more...

Check this out: http://inacityliving.piczo.com/?g=30679502&cr=7

Designing a photographic essay for the newspaper publication for Chinese New Year. Photographed Chinatown in London on Saturday, photographing Liverpool Chinatown for comparison same time this Saturday.