Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Project Chinatown Reviews

Excellent Sean Durney LCC

It looks excellent. Well done. Michael Swerdlow (Chicken Soup and Scouse)

It belongs to us! Mr C. K. Cheung Wah Sing Headmaster

"Chinatown Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe. Did you know? Neither did I. Yet walking along its streets, they are deserted, not a soul, not a being... you can even see the tumble weed. Although with a deeper look there is so much heart within, so much culture and passion. Heritage that outweighs most of our own. Moira Kenny has been working alongside the Liverpool Chinese community since 2002 and joined by Director John J. Campbell in 2008 founded the artist led organisation The Sound Agents. Creating such a close bond with the Chinese public Moira Kenny had brought to light the cultural importance of the crumbling areas of Liverpool's Chinatown. It is this that demonstrates the ultimate aim; the creation of a heritage centre. A place where liverpools interesting citizens can come together, to build and stengthen their society.
'Some Basic Facts about Chinatown' was distributed in its thousands during the parade of Chinese New Year, if you were there amongst theexotic, colourful explosion that led the giant dragon through Liverpool it is positive someone was waving a newspaper in front of your face! it is the incorporation of the cultural history that Moira Kenny and the Sound Agents have envisioned. Within demonstrates stories of a collaboration of individuals that make up the multi-culutrual community, Mr C.K.Cheung Head Master of the Wah Sing School, Chi Fong Deputy Head, Mr Woo, the oldest Blue Funnel Line Sailor, Maureen Doyle Activist, Lilly Clarke Nonagenarian (to name a few), are just some of teh anecdotes that make up this print. It is real lives and struggles that make up this paper, something which Liverpool should most definitely be able to relate to with full 'Scouse' sympathy.
'So make a difference, read the paper! Understand, enjoy the stories. Or become part of the movement to save and treasure a society with so much soul and passion. Even if you just have an interest in culture, it's worths the time to pick it up (hell...Google it!) the humour and compassion of the people just pours out, and with a couple of Chinese recipes to entice you cooks out there, there is no reason not to! Samantha Elmes History and English Hons Student LJMU

I really like your newspaper; people love stories Gary Brown LJMU

"A lot of interesting and resonant themes emerge from the transcripts. These include (but are not limited to): community (neighbours supporting each other and socialising), childhood, work, death, ageing, migration, dispacement, relationships between communities and the authorities, regeneration, education, health, language, food, the sea, skills and heritage. The stories add texture to a neglected area of the city, photographs of which can be seen on page 11 next to its more vibrant and prosperous counterpart, London Chinatown.

The transcripts are not bitter, however, they do place some of the blame for the run-down appearance of the area at the door of the authorities, who have not invested in Chinatown over decades. More than one interviewee refers to the increased frequency of crimes such as vandalism and robbery. The benefits of investment can clearly be seen in neighbouring areas L1 and the Albert Dock; these safer, cleaner and attrative areas have attracted and retained tourism and business. The interviewees have used this opportuniy to talk about buildings that have significance to the community but no longer exist due to redevelopment and to explain the architectural legacy of their communities."  Linda Pittwood

100% better than last time! June Furlong
"It's a really good piece of work. It would be lying to say I have read it thouroughly, but I like the layout and the content, with some of the stories I felt you needed more information. Like where is/was the Wah Sing School? I wasn't sure if it was in Liverpool or China."  Colin Dyas Made In Liverpool

Review: Nerve Magazine

The newspaper is lovely thank you Patsy Crane