Thursday, 29 September 2016

Personification and Identity in a Post-digital Age Faces of Merseyside

This image was produced by overlaying 23 photographs of Chinese women Photographer: Moira Kenny 2016
This image was produced overlaying 26 photographs of Chinese men Photographer: Moira Kenny 2016

Moira Kenny and John Campbell collaborated with Dr Caroline Wilkinson and Face Lab Research Assistant Dr Stenton Mackenzie to resonate a mutual interest in promoting an understanding of and access to British hidden social histories, a commitment to demonstrating the potential for flexibility in gender roles and the generation of a more equalised representation of female lives.

Dr Caroline Wilkinson Caroline took up the post of Director of the School of Art & Design in October 2014. She has a background in art and science and her research and creative work sits at the forefront of art-science fusion and includes subjects as diverse as forensic art, human anatomy, medical art, face recognition, forensic science, anthropology, 3D visualisation, digital art and craniofacial identification.

he project aims to analyse the faces of people from Merseyside through the creation of a range of facial averages that describe different populations, such as ages, genders, occupation and interests. Similarities between groups will emphasise social cohesion, and differences will highlight ‘tribalcohesion. These discussions/results may broaden an understanding of identity, appearance and society for the people of Liverpool – informing an ongoing interest in national/local identity, social cohesion and the migration of world populations.