Friday, 6 December 2013

Blue Funnel Seafarers Blue Plaque New Capital Restaurant Nelson Street Celebration

Celebration hits the headlines in Hong Kong and Shanghai!
Mr & Mrs Tony Kwok, Lan Fong C.K.Cheung and Wai Sang Wong meet to celebrate the launch of the Blue Plaque in the New Capital Restaurant

Sing Zhay Woo shakes hands with his old friend C.K.Cheung
Mr Dave Molyneux Secretary and Mr Bryan Wickens Treasurer, The Blue Funnel Association Sing Zhay Woo, Mr Yue, William Anderson and Wai Sang Wong reflect on Cllr.Munby's speech

Time to celebrate the Chinese seafarers!

Tony Chin gave a heart rending speech about the Chinese seamen, the forced repatriation and the history of the Chinese in Liverpool. 

Tony Kwok gave a wonderful speech reflecting on his father Kwok Fong and the success of the hard working Chinese business people in Liverpool

Sing Zhay Woo talking to William Anderson reflecting on his days as No 1 Chinese Gaffer in the Blue Funnel Office (Not much change there!)

Wai Sang Wong C.K. Cheung and Walter Fung