Wednesday 18 January 2023


Moira Kenny has been working freelance with CTGN on the documentary The Secret Betrayal. CGTN digs into a dark chapter of the #UK's wartime history, where racial prejudice in some of the highest echelons of government resulted in broken families, lost heritage and a fight to make British authorities apologise for a shameful past. 

The Chinese sailors, who once braved the stormy seas and battlefronts of the North Atlantic to keep Allied forces supplied during the Second World War, were forcibly repatriated when the war ended. Hundreds of men vanished overnight, leaving behind wives, partners and children without any explanation of where they had gone and why. 

CGTN speaks to sons, daughters and grandchildren of the sailors about the tragedy in the documentary 'The Secret Betrayal'

This film is part of the free Chinese and British Exhibition held in the Hornby Library, Central Library, Liverpool. The Exhibition is curated by John Campbell and Moira Kenny; The Sound Agents. Working in partnership with Chinese families, The British Library and the Living Knowledge Network. 

The Exhibition is on show until the 31st March 2023. The Library is currently not open on Sundays.