Friday 21 April 2023


Residents past and present recalling memories of Everton Library during a Memory Box Event in St George's Church filmed by The Sound Agents. 

The Jewel on the Hill' Campaign was led by event organisers Polly Moseley and Ken Rogers are campaigning to save Everton Library. Click on the links below to watch the short films. 

Everton Library Photo: Moira Kenny

Adam Byrne
             Sylvia French             John Simpson   M. Jones  M. Jones Hodder Street

Janet Gardiner          Gordon Whitehall       Robert Taylor 1  Robert Taylor 2

Peter Kinney             Jack and Joe Stringfellow    Fay Mccallum

J.Carter                     L. James      Brenda Brown           Marie Leay

Wyn Mather              Linda Lawless               Ray Taylor                 J.Bromley   

Edna Williams          Smith Street Residentb        George Taylor      Jane Lawless