Thursday, 4 May 2023


The Sound Agents are currently working with members of Liverpool Chinatown to develop the charity Liverpool Chinatown Heritage Centre after 20 years working in Chinatown and drawing up plans for a Museum/Heritage Centre, the Chinese and British Exhibition in Liverpool Hornby Library has proved their is a need for a site specific research and exhibition Centre. 

In 2013 the Sound Agents recorded the Liverpool Chinatown Oral History, with an archive of over 40 interviews with stories ranging from Blue Funnel seamen to the Forced Deportation of Chinese seamen, the archive includes audio/video footage of community leaders and seamen talking about life at sea and onshore, laundries, business, education and Chinatown. 

Join Friends of Liverpool Chinatown on Facebook and follow the journey of the Chinese led: Liverpool Chinatown Heritage Centre. Click on this link